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Home office, mobile working & new work

Working from anywhere - uncomplicated and highly secure

Not only has the Corona pandemic pushed the majority of employees into home office, but it has also catapulted the working world as a whole into the future. Work mobility has become a matter of course for many. Private end devices allow people to work outside the spatial and temporal boundaries of their companies, no matter whether they work full-time from home or in the rapidly increasing "new-work" model, an efficient combination of mobile and in-house working.

The advantages of mobile working at a glance:

Lower your costs by phasing out office-based workstations and deploying flexible remote access solutions

Have a more productive staff with less stress and more time for family

Enhance the impact of your brand

Encourage work-life balance among employees

Build a culture of trust inside your organization

Mobile workstations place very high requirements on data protection and network security

This raises several questions:

  1. How to integrate employees securely and quickly into the corporate network without having to invest in additional hardware (e.g., a company laptop)?
  2. How to guarantee the security of the remote access to the corporate network?
  3. Will employees be able to copy data and store it at home on their home workstations?

To integrate employees quickly and cost-efficiently into a corporate network, the integration should, above all, be secure because opening up the company network to private end devices involves a number of security risks:

  • Infiltration by malware
  • Theft of access data 
  •  Trojans spying on the private PC
  • Abuse of data by attackers or users themselves
  • Loss of locally stored data if the notebook gets lost

Experience has shown that administrative efforts involved in bringing in private devices often outweigh the savings: 

  • Installation and configuration of the required VPN client software on the end device
  • Continuous monitoring of security measures on the private PC
  • Support effort due to malfunctions caused by the installation of the access software 
  • Support effort due to malfunctions of the operating environment, caused by the installation of private software 

A solution providing the benefits of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), meeting the highest security requirements and minimizing administration efforts is therefore needed. This solution must also also comply with the most stringent data protection regulations by 100% separation of private and business use..

ECOS technology was designed to meet precisely such requirements.

Enjoy opportunities without risk with the ECOS SecureBootStick®.


Maximum security

  • Corporate servers are accessed within a closed and protected environment. 
  • The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK® also serves for 2-factor authentication. 
  • When the ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK is booted, the local operating system remains inactive, so no malware can be activated. 
  • Data can neither be printed nor copied to external storage media without explicit approval by the administrator. 
  • No data is stored locally while the ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK is in use.

Minimal administration

  • The stick provides all the software needed to access data and applications.
  • The management appliance performs the central configuration.
  • The local operating system is not booted so neither drivers nor any other file can be loaded from the local hard drive. Likewise, no data can be stored locally. 
  • The local hard disk is not accessed at all. 
  • The strict separation of private and business use rules out any modification of the company software by private software installations.