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genuscreen Firewall & VPN Appliance

Securing data transfer and networks

Data transfer across locations via Internet is convenient and cost-effective, but should always be reliably shielded from prying eyes. Networks should be equally secured against threats from the Internet.

Setting up security zones for particularly sensitive systems inside large networks is another common requirement. This is precisely what the genuscreen Firewall & VPN Appliance of our technology partner genua has been designed for: providing strongly encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to securely communicate and transfer sensitive information in public networks.

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The genuscreen Firewall & VPN Appliance complies with the highest security requirements and is therefore approved for the transmission of encrypted data up to classification level VS-NfD, EU/NATO RESTRICTED and certified according to Common Criteria (CC) EAL 4+.

The high-performant genuscreen firewall filters data traffic at network boundaries very accurately. It only allows explicitly chosen connections while all other requests are consistently blocked.

Combining genua's BSI-approved VPN solution genuscreen and the BSI-approved ECOS SecureBootStick SX + ZX allows highly secure remote access to information classified as VS-NfD, EU and NATO RESTRICTED from home office and on the road.

Benefits at a glance:

Central administration
time-saving, easy administration of large installations

Strong security performance
regularly BSI-certified and -approved

Protected against data theft
by backdoor-free VPN technology 'Made in Germany'

for installations with up to 1,000 systems

Suitable for high-security areas
w/ BSI-approval and proven dial-in solution for VS-NfD

Suitable for international operations
w/ approval for EU and NATO RESTRICTED

Certified communication solution
for processing classified data with clients for any requirement

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