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You want to extend the lifecycle of your PCs  and subsequently ease the IT budget?

Convert hardware instead of buying new

With ECOS SecureOS

New software and operating system versions place growing requirements on hardware, so PCs often have to be replaced after 3 to 5 years at the latest. Switching to a terminal server or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a sensible alternative.

The ECOS SecureOS turns previous PCs into high-performing thin clients, extends their service life while saving the IT budget.

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The smart thin client solution

The ECOS SecureOS replaces existing operating systems with a lean, particularly secure and high-performing ECOS Secure Linux operating system. 

Users simply select the desired system or application in an intuitive interface, which will then direct them to their familiar work environment. 

The user interface is reduced to the essentials, the system is thus easy to use and error-proof.

All applications required for access to a terminal server or virtual desktop infrastructure are already included.

The slim ECOS SecureOS boots the computer particularly quickly and is immediately ready for use.

Updates are performed in the background without disturbing user activity. 

Benefits of the ECOS SecureOS at a glance:

Ease your IT budget

Use PCs up to three times longer
Compatible w/ all standard PCs
Compatible w/ legacy devices

Increase your efficiency

Fast booting
Automatic background update
Error-proof handling

Simplify your administration

Central management
Smart reports
Low support effort


Performance features


  • RDP client, Citrix Workspace app (formerly Citrix Receiver), VMware Horizon via RDP, PCoIP, BLAST, Firefox, Chromium, VNC Viewer, VPN client for IPsec
  • Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine to optimize audio and video transmission for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft RemoteFX for optimizing the audio quality with RDP

Supported destination systems

  • Microsoft RDSH, WTS 2000 and later, RDS, RD sharing, Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, VMware Horizon or web server

Implementation / Administration

  • Installation with automatized PXE boot process
  • Integrated DHCP and TFTP server for PXE installation


  • Profiles for access to different applications/servers on user, group or role level
  • Use of local resources after release (external USB storage devices, local printers)
  • Rights assignment for external devices bound to manufacturer ID or serial number of the device
  • Remote update of all applications and firmware


  • Drivers for all popular 64-bit PCs, Macs and tablets with x86 architecture
  • UEFI Secure Boot support
  • Keyboard drivers for more than 90 languages and countries
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Connection by LAN, WLAN, UMTS, LTE incl. browser for login to hotspot
  • Software in German and English (pre-configurable)

Additional features

  • Forwarding of external USB and LAN devices, e.g. for the connection of an IP telephone
  • Automatic reconnection after disconnection or connection change

Multi-factor authentication

  • Supports ext. smartcard/USB token


  • Signed partitions for bootloader and kernel
  • Encryption by software of all security-relevant partitions
  • Signed read-only partition for firmware and applications
  • Writeable partition for storage of user parameters
  • Hardened ECOS Secure Linux operating system
  • Digitally signed bootloader, firmware and applications validated in chain of trust
  • Integrated firewall protecting against attacks over the same network and blocking ping requests
  • Encryption of RAM content except for the executable program code
  • VM start detection prevents use in virtual environment
  • Fingerprinting of the guest computer incl. peripherals
  • Secured updating process for firmware and applications with verification of integrity and correct update server

Are you interested in the ECOS SecureOS? Do you have questions?

We are looking forward to your message!