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Secure remote access for external staff

Access company data from anywhere

Many companies rely on external service providers for software development, IT maintenance and user support. Whether internal or external employees, they need appropriate access options to complete their tasks.

Remote access to a company's internal IT infrastructure places particularly high demands on IT security, especially from a non-company or private notebook.

Typical application scenarios:

IT and IT remote maintenance

For the maintenance of IT infrastructures and applications, specialists often need 24/7 access to the corresponding systems. Particularly the external access to critical systems requires highest security precautions.

This applies above all to external service providers, who use their own notebooks and expect to be integrated into local networks.

Branch offices

While large facilities are usually connected via MPLS networks, small branch offices require more flexible and inexpensive solutions. Secure access to a central terminal server or VD infrastructure is often the simplest, safest and most cost-effective option.

The remote access solution should also be maintenance-free, as small branch offices do not have local IT specialists.

Customers and suppliers

In order to optimize purchasing processes, suppliers, among others, require access to stock levels for automatic subsequent delivery or invoicing based on actual consumption.

Such access should not only be secure, it should be as support-free as possible. To increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer support costs, it may also be useful to provide customers with direct access to information databases such as material databases or design plans.

In both cases, access must be secure, installation-free and with the least support effort.

The right solution for your needs

Secure Boot Stick CL ist übergroß vor aufgeklapptem Macbook platziert


  Hardened ECOS Secure Linux OS

  All software on one stick

  2-factor authentication w/
     software certificate

  Integrated firewall

  Central management

Abbild von silbernem Secure Boot Stick HE


  Hardened ECOS Secure Linux OS

  All software on one stick

  2-factor authentication w/
     software certificate

  Integrated firewall

  Central management

  Hardware-encrypted security

  2-factor authentication w/
     hardware anchor


Produkt Nahaufnahme des Secure Boot Stick FX


  BSI-approved for VS-NfD,

  Highly secure VS-NfD access w/
     genua genuscreen

  Sealed stick environment

  Extra hardened ECOS Secure Linux

  Multi-factor authentication w/

  Keypad for PIN entry

  Central management and remote

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