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A safe connection to any machine

Highly secure remote maintenance with the ECOS SecureBootStick and the genua Remote Maintenance client

In the wake of expanding plant networking and rising security requirements, remote plant maintenance, IT systems and IoT devices are playing an increasingly important role.

Many companies with remotely maintained machines are concerned about the security of their systems and machinery.

Professional remote maintenance solutions such as genua Remote Maintenance provide a secure connection to machine networks.

If you are seeking maximum protection against viruses or Trojans and want to keep your company' s secrets confidential, you are best protected with the ECOS SecureBootStick CL/HE and the integrated genua Remote Maintenance client. Based on the zero-trust model, the connection is initiated after password entry out of a protected, encapsulated environment, so that possible malware on the computer cannot pose a threat to the plant operator in terms of cyberattacks or espionage.

Many companies, especially those subject to the German national industrial security program, are also required to operate remote maintenance components approved by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) for classification level VS-NfD. The ECOS SecureBootStick SX/ZX and its integrated genua Remote Maintenance client provide highly secure access for service engineers to sensitive company systems from anywhere. All you need is a notebook and an ECOS SecureBootStick SX or ZX.

Good to know

All software required to establish a secure VPN connection and access the genua Rendezvous Server is on the SBS. Users do not need to install or configure any software.

A certificate is implemented for secure 2-factor authentication and tied to the hardware ID of the Secure Boot Stick. Thus, each user authenticates themselves with their password and their personal SBS

Maximum protection against espionage, manipulation and malware.

Benefits at a glance:

Remote access, VPN and firewalling in one solution

Central manageability with full control over maintenance actions, access time, target and accessing instance at any time

Higher operational safety, attempted connections must always be confirmed from the inside

Highest security and control with port-specific access to isolated destination systems only as well as rendezvous point in DMZ

Security level adaptable to your needs, from "open" and continuous access up to full control

Sophisticated, corporate-ready rights and role system for hundreds of remote maintainers worldwide

Video recording feature and logging

Conform to NIST recommendation (National Institute of Standards and Technology/USA)

Easy and consistent operation

Also available as industrial appliance with suitable temperature range and form factor as well as convenience features such as key switch and two-factor authentication

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All benefits of the genua genubox at a glance:

Port-specific SSH remote maintenance access without network coupling

Comprehensive governance with full control over all remote accesses

Complies with all BSI recommendations for secure remote maintenance

How the genua Remote Maintenance client works:

The concept: No more one-way accesses from remote maintainers to customer networks. Instead, all maintenance connections are routed through a rendezvous server located in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) next to the firewall, either at the maintainer's or the customer's site. 

Both remote maintainer and customer connect to the server at an appointed time. A continuous maintenance connection is only established after rendezvous on the server. The remote maintainer can now connect to the machine or IT system located within the customer's network

genua's and ECOS' remote maintenance solution secures the remote maintainer endpoint and grants full control over maintenance access into your networks.

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