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Highly-secure video conferencing


On-premises instead of cloud - From anywhere and any laptop/pc

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Video conferencing - EU-/NATO RESTRICTED

Keeping information confidential

Highly secure video conferencing with ECOS SecureConferenceCenter
Video conferencing has become an essential part of today's working world. No matter whether meeting colleagues working from home, on the road or partners and customers living on the other side of the world, video conferencing solutions are becoming more and more important.

Combining the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter with the ECOS SecureBootStick creates an ecosystem for highly secure video conferencing and collaboration, which is perfectly suited for secured and unsecured networks without any compromise on security.

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Is your cloud video conferencing solution secure?

Security-conscious companies, CRITIS, public interest entities, emergency services and authorities now have the option of operating a VS-NfD-compliant video conferencing solution on-premises - so that sensitive data stays where it belongs.

Can your solution handle classified content?

With the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter in combination with the ECOS SecureBootStick, VS-NfD and EU/NATO RESTRICTED classified video conferencing is possible from anywhere and from any standard laptop or PC.

Is the content of your video conferences protected from espionage?

Our video conferencing solution is based on ECOS SecureLinux. This means you retain control over your sensitive information. No backdoors! No insecure communication channels!

Is your current on-premises video conferencing solution end-of-life?

Switch now! With the maintained on-premises video conferencing solution from ECOS, you are future-proof. Simple installation! Everything from a single source! Intuitive instead of complex!

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Why you should use the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter

On-premises environment against espionage

Highly secure with ECOS Secure Linux

Smart management and secure operation

Single source solution

Internal access with standard browser

External/mobile access with BSI-approved
ECOS SecureBootStick solution

Out of the box, easy and secure

No backdoor, tap-proof, easy to install

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Features of the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter

Document upload

Word, Excel, PDF and image files

ECOS Secure Linux

Specially hardened Linux environment

Breakout rooms

Communicate securely in private

Video options

Low, medium and high-definition


Public and private chat

ECOS on-premises

Stay fully in control of your data

ECOS smart management

Smart, easy and secure management

Note sharing

Brainstorm with good note-taking


Prompt conferees to answer a poll

Multi-user whiteboard

Encourage active teamwork

ECOS security

BSI-approved for classified content

Desktop sharing

Simple and intuitive desktop sharing

Raise hand

Raise a hand to speak


Feedback with emojis

Video sharing

Share external video links easily

Performance characteristics of the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter

  • Video, audio (also dial-in by phone)
  • Conference recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Hand raise and emoji
  • Multi-user whiteboard
  • Note sharing
  • Public and private chat
  • Breakout rooms
  • Upload of presentations, PDFs, images and more
  • Polling tool
  • Operation on-premises. All communication via own infrastructure
  • Installation as virtual appliance possible, installation recommended on suitably performant hardware
  • User and rights management via ECOS SystemManagementAppliance
  • AD integration via ECOS SystemManagementAppliance
  • Joint administration of ECOS SecureBootStick and ECOS SecureConferenceCenter via ECOS SystemManagementAppliance
  • From secure networks (e.g. internal network) via any browser, desktop or mobile No additional software required
  • Access from insecure networks (e.g. from outside)
    • for basic security requirements with any browser
    • for higher security requirements via ECOS SecureBootStick plus VPN against common VPN gateway
    • for VS-NfD via BSI-approved ECOS SecureBootStick SX/ZX plus VPN against a genua genuscreen
  • Own browser-based profile
  • Communication through VPN tunnel
  • Parallel operation of conference and terminal server/VDI session possible
  • Appliance based on hardened ECOS SecureLinux
  • Access for registered users only
  • Authentication with conference-specific access code
  • Access from outside within an encapsulated environment
  • 8 CPU cores (e.g. QuadCore with 8 threads), more cores are recommended for high number of simultaneous video streams
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 50GB hard disk space (If recordings are to be made, then the hard disk space must be increased accordingly)
  • If possible, the system should be installed on real hardware to avoid asynchronous video/audio. This is mandatory for larger setups.
  • Bandwidth at least 0.5Mbit/s per incoming/outgoing video stream, i.e. for 5 conference participants with video on, the minimum required bandwidth is 5 * 5 * 0.5Mbit/s = 12.5 Mbit/s. This performance is required permanently, exclusively, with low latency and no delay. Bandwidth should be sized generously to avoid delays and dropouts.  A symmetrical connection should be used.
  • Network connection according to the desired application scenario via HTTPS (port 443) or via VPN.
  • SCC400    ECOS SecureConferenceCenter Starter: Up to 5 conferences simultaneously*/ Up to 20 participants per conference*
  • SCC410    ECOS SecureConferenceCenter Professional: Up to 20 conferences simultaneously*/ Up to 100 participants per conference*

* The number of simultaneous conferences and simultaneous participants strongly depends on the underlying hardware and available bandwidth. The number of rooms can be scaled up using multiple hardware systems. In any case, a sufficient network bandwidth is mandatory. 

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