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Highly secure access to data and applications


The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK allows users to access data and applications within their company or a government agency remotely in a highly secure way. However, security requirements may vary depending on the customer and the application scenario.

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK product family covers a wide range of requirements regarding IT and IT security.

What all products have in common:

 Easy to use

 Highly secure

 Clear separation of business and private use

 Quick, easy and inexpensive integration

 All software on one stick

Product family

PKI and key management solution securing PCs, servers, processes, IoT and mobile devices


The increasing digitization blurs the boundaries between classic IT, ITC and IoT. Public key infrastructures (PKI) provide a decisive security level and guarantee confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and verifiability of sensitive data.

The ECOS TRUST MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE (TMA) combines issuance, management and distribution of certificates, symmetric keys and other secrets for all platforms in a single PKI and key management solution and thus constitutes a core component in securing IT, technology and infrastructures.

 PKI and key management out of the box

 Supports all platforms, systems and devices:

      Win, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, IoT

 Open interfaces for integration into IT infrastructures

   Active reports and report editor

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Secure your infrastructure, applications and data against illicit access, data espionage and network attacks

Certificates & keys

Issue, renew, revoke and manage your X.509 certificates, symmetric keys and other secrets easily

Proof of identity

Verify identities and message integrity using electronic signatures

Self service portal

Reduce complexity—optimize workflows

Active reports

Keep track of certificates to be extended at any time

Open system architecture

An open system architecture allows a swift integration of new technologies

Turn fat clients into thin clients instead of buying new


Are you looking to extend the lifespan of your present endpoints? And increase the security of your IT infrastructure?

ECOS SECURE OS allows you to achieve both! The existing operating system is replaced by a lean, particularly secure and high-performant ECOS Secure Linux operating system. All applications that are necessary to access a terminal server or virtual desktop infrastructure are already included.


  Extended PC lifetime

  Smart migration to thin clients

  Central management

  Higher security


The ECOS SECURE OS turns PCs into modern thin clients

Efficient rollout

Converting a workstation PC into a high-performance thin client is almost completely automated

Maximum compatibility

The ECOS SECURE BOOT OS provides drivers for all common PCs from Pentium III on to new generation devices

Safe from attacks/spying

The encapsulated and secured environment of the ECOS SECURE OS offers maximum protection against attacks and espionage.

Central management

The ECOS SYSTEM MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE allows to centrally manage and update all end devices

Fast & Easy

An intuitive user interface which is user-friendly, error-proof and easy to use


The ECOS SECURE BOOT OS allows companies to relieve their IT department and their budget

Not the right product?

Your way to the right ECOS solution...

Logo Bayern LB

First choice

More than 60% of employees prefer ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK to company PC.

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Logo HUK-Coburg

Affordable by tradition

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK eases IT budgets.

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Logo Flughafen Köln Bonn

Ready for take-off!

The ECOS PKI and Key Management secures IT infrastructures.

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Logo Hessen

Always ahead!

Working highly secure at home with the Hessen Secure Boot Stick since 2010.

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Explosion protection at the highest level

The ECOS PKI solution provides greater security.

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Logo Caritas

Remote access meets Caritas

Osnabrück employees count on the ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK.

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Logo Visana

Best prepared for emergencies

Over 500 ECOS Mobile Office Sticks already in use at insurance company.

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Logo Dieozoese Rottenburg Stuttgart


More than 400 diocese employees trust the ECOS Remote Access solution.

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Logo Lebenshilfe Dortmund

No concessions on security!

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK in use at Community Counseling Dortmund.

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Logo MTG

On course to VS-NfD!

Remote access for naval technology

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