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Industrial security 4.0

Certificates and keys as digital protection for man and machine

Today, more things (devices) are online than there are people on the planet!

Millions of Internet-connected IoT devices are being deployed by countless companies in sensitive and vital areas.  However, the growing number of devices also increase security risks. Unsecured devices are quickly becoming the preferred prey of cyber-attacks.

Public key infrastructures (PKI) and key management solutions provide the decisive security layer. Strong certificates and keys are the cornerstones for IoT security—authentication, encryption and integrity.

IoT certificates and symmetric keys are used in the following scenarios:

  • Authenticating actuators and sensors on control device
  • Encrypting communication of non-IT devices

The ECOS PKI & key management solution helps you digitize your products, manufacturing plants and processes in a scalable, future-proof and, above all, attack-proof way.