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Trust Management

Identities, signatures, certificates

Make user and machine identities trusted and secure

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»Digital identities are among the most sought after objects in cyberattacks. Secure infrastructures are therefore vital for a connected world, today and in the future.«

- Paul Marx | CEO | ECOS

Security for digital identities and infrastructures

Digital identities play an important role in secure user authentication. They are also the basis for the definition of access rights and permissions for applications and data.

Not only is this significant in terms of GDPR compliance, but also for the protection of IT systems against cyberattacks and espionage.

Machine identities assume an equally significant role in the IoT world, the Internet of things. Intercommunicating devices must be able to authenticate each other reliably to stay protected against manipulation attacks. This includes even the tiniest devices such as actuators and sensors.

In real life, identity is determined by an official identity card. In the world of IT and IoT, certificates take over the role of ID cards and provide the basis for secure identities. They are also used for signing and encrypting e-mails, signing documents and software, securing web servers, and reliably authenticating single components of container-based applications in the cloud. Besides certificates for authentication, symmetric keys also have a significant role to play in the IoT for encrypting communication.

ECOS TrustManagementAppliance®

As an all-in-one PKI solution, the Trust Management Appliance offers various functions for creating, distributing and validating certificates.

The certificate management provides a clear oversight of all deployed certificates and their validity period throughout the organization.

Various interfaces such as ACME, SCEP, EST, LDAP and a REST API ensure connectivity to solutions such as IAM, MDM, IoT management and production systems as well as e-mail encryption.

Starke Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung

ECOS AuthenticationControlAppliance

The ECOS AuthenticationControlAppliance is the right solution for the requirements of a pure user multi-factor authentication (MFA).

The appliance offers all features necessary for secure MFA via SMS, e-mail, tokens or software tokens and is mainly used for securing VPN access, web applications such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) or cloud services.

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