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One PKI for all platforms

Certificate-based security for desktops and mobile devices

A public key infrastructure (PKI) is a proven and reliable security technology in the office sector.

Certificates are used for following scenarios:

  • WLAN login for mobile devices
  • Authentication of desktops in LAN
  • Windows login with smartcard
  • Secure authentication at VPN gateway
  • Login to web applications
  • Hard disk encryption

The ECOS TrustManagementAppliance offers all options to create, manage, renew, revoke, validate or store certificates, as well as to import, manage and use public CA certificates.

On top of this, our all-in-one PKI solution provides all components required for building up a secure infrastructure and ensuring its long-term security through an extensive certificate management system. 

Smart workflow processes allow the automation of all relevant workflows, such as requesting and approving certificates, notifications of expiration, and renewals. 

You are always on the safer side with an ECOS PKI solution!