ECOS Support

ECOS provides competent technical support for all questions relating to the use of ECOS products and solutions in your IT infrastructure. This service is part of the ECOS Up-to-Date Service and available to all staff members of the internal IT department.

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Using ECOS products is really easy for users. Arising questions will usually be answered by your in-house IT department. The optional ECOS 1st Level Support contract provides users with assistance regarding the initial setup and other questions concerning the use of products.

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The ECOS Professional Services Team helps in word and deed, be it the planning stage, the project implementation or to meet subsequent challenges while operating the solution.

A thorough on-the-job training is already part of our consulting service during the on-site implementation of the ECOS solution. We also gladly provide additional training sessions for your administrators and your helpdesk.

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Our Up-to-Date Service is an essential element of the ECOS solutions. Purchase it to ensure that your security solutions are continuously updated. The regularly published ECOS Release Notes provide you with all the relevant information regarding the features and fixes of a new release.

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Please find our current security notes in the ECOS Release Notes, which we publish periodically.