Supportteam 1st level Support

Using ECOS products is really easy for users. Arising questions will usually be answered by your in-house IT department. The ECOS 1st level support team will gladly assist users with any question about the initial setup and the use of ECOS products. This service requires a separate 1st level support contract. After concluding the contract, all staff members of the respective company or organization have full access to this support service for the term of contract.
Please have your customer number at hand when calling us by phone.
You can reach us:

  • by e-mail to helpdesk(at)
  • by phone: +49 6133 939-311
  • preferably by using the ECOS support contact form

Change of boot order to boot ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK from USB

Entry of the activation code, password entry and password change

Setting up the network connection (LAN, WLAN, mobile telephony; logon at Hotspot)

Monitor settings (resolution, connecting multiple monitors, projectors)

Other settings (mouse and keyboard, time, language)

Printer configuration if scheduled by IT

Document storage if scheduled by IT

Performing a hardware test in the event of incompatibilities

Assistance with questions about the product update

Monday – Friday, 8.00 – 18.00 (CET), except on federal statutory holidays.

The ECOS 1st level support is available in German and English.