ECOS Software Update

Our Up-to-Date Service is an essential element of the ECOS solutions. Purchase it to ensure that your security solutions are updated continuously. The regularly published ECOS Release Notes provide you with all the relevant information regarding the features and fixes of a new release.

  • Depending on the product, the Up-to-Date Service includes the performances below:
  • Providing new features as part of a continuous product development
  • Providing new security updates and security functions
  • Improving existing functions and security updates
  • Providing new clients to access Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix and VMware Horizon (applicable for SBS, SBM, SBO, MOS and VWC
  • Driver update (applicable to SBS, SBM and SBO)
  • Adaptation to new operating system releases (applicable to SBS, SBM, SBO, MOS and VWC)