ECOS TECHNOLOGY has developed a broad range of application scenarios for the Industry and Trade sector.

Highly secure access to office applications and production plants

A globalized economy requires a high degree of flexibility. Although it is essential to have access to data and applications from anywhere, a remote access to a production plant requires tougher safety regulations than an access to an office.

ECOS’ technology meets even the highest requirements when it comes to data protection and data safety.

Office applications

The access to office applications is widespread and includes Outlook Web Access via Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, ERP and MI systems as well as CAD applications. Some systems are remotely accessible by browser, some require a terminal server or virtual desktop infrastructure whereas other need a particular client software. All of these solutions require the safest possible access with minimum effort.

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Please find below a few exemplary deployment scenarios depicting the requirements of mechanical engineering companies.


Different requirements need different solutions. The use of ECOS technology allows you to combine various methods under a central management.