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External workstations such as home workstations become increasingly frequent. These workstations allow companies to reduce their costs and to integrate remote staff and freelance employees into the company.

This kind of workstations require particular data protection and network security measures. Following questions thereby need to be asked:

How can we safely integrate the employee into the company network in the easiest and quickest way, preferably without having to purchase additional hardware (for example a company laptop)? Who warrants the security of the remote access to the company network? Can the employee copy or store data to his home workstation?

To integrate new staff quickly into the company network at low costs, the implementation should not only be secure, it should also be user-friendly.

The ECOS technology has been designed to precisely meet all of these requirements.


ECOS solutions allow staff to access safely and comfortably the company network with any PC, even their home PC. ECOS solutions hence contribute to increase the acceptance of home workstations for own or free staff.

Following characteristics particularly illustrate the advantages of ECOS USB solutions:

  • No software installation on the used PC
  • The roll-out of ECOS solutions requires less efforts than traditional VPN solutions. Employees can directly start working without having to prepare their PC.
  • As ECOS solutions require no installation, the private software on the home PC can be used without concern just as usual.
  • No company data are stored on the access computer, so VPN-typical tasks such as “cleaning up” the respective computer are unnecessary.
  • The ECOS technology has been conceived to precisely meet all of these requirements.


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