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Many companies work with highly sensitive data. Be it medical data in public healthcare, tax or social data in municipal administration, or confidential customer data, it is often difficult to guarantee the confidentiality of these data. In addition to an effective protection while accessing these data, the challenge is to find ways to exclude their transfer to third parties or their illicit copying.


We must ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is it possible to restrict access to selected data without limiting the operability for the user?
  • Is it possible to prevent data from being copied or passed to third parties?
  • What are the risks in case of loss or theft of access permissions?

As security starts with the user, the solution must additionally ensure an easy handling.


ECOS solutions offer the highest security level along with easy usage. You can either use ECOS applications as general protection measure for your network or you increase the safety of your sensitive data by additionally securing the access to them.


Access to the corporate network is only possible using the combination of the ECOS USB stick with the password. Copying data to external storage media or printing data is only allowed on explicit consent of an administrator. In case of loss of an ECOS USB stick, the access is still password-protected. Furthermore, a lost USB stick can easily be blocked.

User convenience

ECOS solutions are available for any PC and to any user, even without knowledge of the software.

  • No software will be stored on the PC.
  • No data will be left on the access computer.

Thus, ECOS solutions can be operated by the user on any PC, data security is warranted in any case.


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