In case of disaster, it is necessary to limit the damages caused to the company as much as possible by warranting a rapid resumption of operations. A comprehensive emergency plan should therefore ensure that employees will be able to work temporarily from external facilities or from home.

Flexible access

ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK (MOS) is the ideal solution to meet all user-side requirements. The USB stick can be used on any PC or Mac and contains all software required to automatically set up a secure VPN tunnel and a connection to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server, VMware View or web applications. ECOS Easy Enrollment keeps the roll-out procedure as simple as possible. All users receive identical, preconfigured sticks and a personal activation code. After stating the latter and having been authenticated by the remote station, the software on the stick will be updated, the personal configuration loaded and tied to the user. This solution requires no user-side installation or configuration work. At the same time, the stick acts as a certificate-based two-factor authentication (alternatively with smart card) to prevent any unauthorized access.

Hardware solution

ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT (VWC) is an alternative to ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK. In this case, clients will not be loaded from a USB stick, but ad hoc through a standard browser and executed without any installation. It is therefore conceivable to load and run a Firefox 3.2, plugins included, via IE. The second factor could then be an authentication by SMS OTP or by the OTP token distributed during roll-out.

Highest security requirements

The solutions described above protect against manifold threats, but when it is required to strictly separate business from private usage or to prohibit screen logging by Trojans, we recommend to use ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK (SBS). Once the stick plugged in, the PC boots a specially hardened Linux environment. The local hard disk and its operating system stay deactivated, no potential malware can therefore be activated. After successful authentication and depending on the requirements, an ICA, RDP, VMware View client or a browser will be called up. Data and applications will then be available just as usual. To ensure reachability by phone, it is possible, for example with wireless LAN, to use the free LAN port of the PC to connect an IP phone. It will then be directly connected to the company’s telephone system through the VPN tunnel. ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK, which ensures a hundred percent separation between private and official usage, can be considered as part of the company hardware and the home PC as private periphery.

Central user and permission management

All ECOS access components are administrated through a central user and permission management. Access permissions can thus be updated remotely or even revoked, for example when a user hasn’t yet activated his stick. In case of loss of a stick, or when an employee leaves the company, the access can be locked and the corresponding license reassigned to a new stick.

Not only for emergencies

Of course, ECOS solutions are not just for emergency events. Once rolled out, they allow staff to deal with urgent work from home or at the hotel.


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