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ECOS MobileOfficeStick

The whole office on one stick

The demand for flexible working hours or mobile workplaces and high IT security requirements need not be in conflict with each other. 

Our installation-free solutions not only offer you flexible access to your organization's network from anywhere at any time, they also fully protect you from malware and cyber attacks.

The ECOS MobileOfficeStick provides access to corporate data and applications from any Windows PC or Mac. Its use is completely installation- and configuration-free and requires no administrator rights.

All software required for a secure connection to Microsoft terminal servers or web applications is already on the stick. All you need is a Windows PC or Mac with Internet access.

  Connection with SSL-VPN / application-based VPN

  No installation or configuration required

  Secure 2-factor authentication

  Execution within a sandbox

  All software on one stick

  Container for distribution of applications and documents

"It couldn't be easier!"

  1. Power on PC or Mac

  2. Connect stick to PC or Mac

  3. Start software installed on the stick

  4. Authenticate

  5. Go!

- Pascal Neumer | Team Coordinator Helpdesk | IT-Services | ECOS Technology GmbH -

Simple, smart, secure: How the ECOS MobileOfficeStick works

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Remote access to data from anywhere

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Technical data


  • Application-level VPN client, Microsoft RDP client, VNC client
  • Integrated Firefox; optionally specific Firefox version with pre-installed plugins
  • Transparent VPN client for single or all users (no user-side configuration; requires the installation of a software component with administrator rights at first use)
  • Customer-specific applications implementable

Supported destination systems

  • Microsoft RDSH, WTS 2000 and later, RDS, RD sharing or web server


  • Strong certificate-based 2-factor authentication, tied to the stick's hardware ID
  • All software executed within a sandbox
  • Application-level VPN connection; only usable by centrally approved applications
  • Transparent VPN client for single or all users (no user-side configuration; requires the installation of a software component with administrator rights at first use)
  • Use of transparent VPN tunnel can be restricted to centrally defined, locally installed applications
  • Use of the VPN tunnel restrictable to digitally signed applications, incl. signature verification before tunnel release
  • Selection of destination system, for distributed servers
  • Destination server and port definable on user or group level


  • Profiles for access to different applications/servers on user, group or role level
  • Use of local resources after release (local drives, external USB storage devices, local printers)
  • Rights assignment for external devices bound to manufacturer ID or serial number of the device
  • Centralized password policy


  • Connection to ECOS SystemManagementAppliance with application-level VPN
  • Automatic access by HTTPS proxy if necessary
  • Connection with freely selectable TCP port
  • For use with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS
  • Software in German and English

Remote updating of sticks

  • Secured updating process for firmware and applications with verification of integrity and correct update server
  • Customer-specific applications implementable
  • Connection to ECOS SMA100/110/120 by SSL VPN
  • For use with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS

Dimensions and weight

  • 12 x 22 x 4 mm, 3 g

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