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Keeping information confidential

Highly-secure video conferencing with ECOS SecureConferenceCenter

Video conferencing has become an essential part of today's working world. No matter whether meeting employees working at home/on the road or partners and customers living on the other side of the world, video conferencing solutions are becoming more and more important.

6 reasons why you should use the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter

On-premises environment against espionage

Highly secure with ECOS Secure Linux

Smart management and secure operation

Internal access with standard browser

External/mobile access with BSI-approved
ECOS SecureBootStick solution

Out of the box, easy and secure

How the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter works:

The Secure Conference Center offers all the core features of a professional video conferencing system with real-time sharing of audio, video, presentation and screen in a secure on-premises mode. The ECOS SecureConferenceCenter also records sessions for later playback.

For internal use, the meeting room is accessible by simple link in a common browser. Mobile and other external users access the Secure Conference Center through the BSI-approved ECOS SecureBootStick within a protected environment.

ECOS SecureConferenceCenter provides high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing using the built-in browser support for real-time communication (WebRTC).

The Conferencing Tool supports two user types: participants and moderators.

Conferees can chat, send/receive audio and video, answer polls, or display emojis (for example, the raised hand). Moderators have additional rights. They can mute/unmute others, block participants (e.g., restrict the use of private chat), and appoint any participant as current moderator.

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Good to know

For security-conscious companies, CRITIS and government agencies, it is crucial to run a video conferencing system on-premises, which keeps sensitive data where it belongs.

The ECOS SecureConferenceCenter, combined with the BSI-approved ECOS SecureBootStick, is a highly-secure video conferencing solution.

The Smart Management makes the video conferencing solution easy to administrate and highly secure to operate.

Features of the ECOS SecureConferenceCenter:

Document upload

Word, Excel, PDF and image files

ECOS Secure Linux

Specially hardened Linux environment

Breakout rooms

Highly secure communication in private

Video options

Low, medium and high definition quality


Public and private chat

ECOS on-premises

Stay fully in control of your data

ECOS smart management

Smart, easy and secure management

Note sharing

Brainstorm with good note-taking


Prompt conferees to answer a poll

Multi-user whiteboard

Encourage active teamwork

ECOS security

BSI-approved access solution for VS-NfD

Desktop sharing

Simple and intuitive desktop sharing

Raise hand

Raise a hand to speak


Feedback with emojis

Video sharing

Share external video links easily

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