As a PKI, ECOS TRUST MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE is characterized by its versatility and easy handling. It combines all required services in one system and can be implemented easily, quickly and budget-friendly into the existing IT infrastructure through several interfaces.

ECOS Trust Management Appliance (TMA) Funktionsübersicht
  • Issue of own certificates and administration of external certificates
  • Support of several root and sub CAs
  • Administration and provision of certificates in LDAP
  • Certificate storage and issue  directly on smart cards or USB tokens
  • Authentication by certificate or OTP
  • Integrated one-time password module (OTP) for SafeNet® eToken NG-OTP or eToken PASS
  • Authentication through RADIUS
  • Authentication through LDAP
  • Directory synchronization for users and certificates with Microsoft® ADS, Novell® eDirectory, Siemens® DirX, CA® eTrust, SUN® Directory, LDAP and other directories
  • Extensive smart card and token lifecycle management
  • Finely structured rights management
  • OCSP supported
  • SHA-2 supported
  • Administration by web interface
  • Separate web frontend (HTTPS) for end users to personalize and manage smart cards or tokens
  • Various high availability possibilities


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