Virtueller Zugang mit dem ECOS Virtual Web Client

ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT (VWC) provides you with a secure ad-hoc access to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server or web applications from any browser and without having to install or configure any required client software.


The ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT (VWC) allows users to access the accustomed working environment from any PC equipped with a browser.
The user is neither required to install nor to configure any kind of VPN- or client software.
After following the provided link and authentication, data and applications are available just as usual.


ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT can be used with any type of internet connection.
All software required by the user to set up a secure VPN connection and access the desired terminal server infrastructure or web applications is loaded and executed ad hoc. The user can thus use the locally installed browser to access web applications which usually require a particular browser type or a particular plugin.
ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT also allows access from devices on which USB port usage is prohibited.


Unlike conventional systems, ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT does not set up a full VPN, but an encrypted connection on application level. Thus, only the virtualized client for Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server will be able to use the connection, whereas viruses and other malware can't.
The software itself is executed inside a sandbox and therefore shielded from potential malware on the guest PC.
No trackable trace will be left on the guest PC.
A two-factor-authentication by SMS or OTP token (one-time password) can be used for secure user authentication.
ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT (VWC) is perfectly combinable with other ECOS products. For example, different permissions can be assigned depending on whether you are logging in using ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK or ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT.


As no further authentication or web server will be required, ECOS VIRTUAL WEB CLIENT can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.
Profile-based user permissions are administrated through a central management tool.
Due to its easy and convenient use, support efforts are reduced to an absolute minimum.


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