ECOS Secure Boot Stick [CL]

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK (SBS) provides a highly secure access to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server, VMware, View/Horizon and web applications within a protected remote access environment.

Thus, the strict separation of business from private usage is particularly warranted for home workstations or in the context of BYOD concepts (bring your own device).

Workflow SBS [CL] (en)


  • booting from USB stick
  • central configuration
  • all required software is on the stick

Highly Secure

  • ECOS Secure Linux
  • strong two-factor authentication
  • write-protected software Partition
  • integrated firewall

Data Protection

  • strict separation of business & private usage
  • no addressing of internal HDD
  • no ext. data transfer w/o  approval
  • instant logout

Low cost

  • straightforward Integration
  • Easy Enrollment
  • central Management
  • minimum support effort

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  • Easy to use

    Once the boot stick plugged in, the home or non-corporate PC starts within a protected Linux environment.

    Existing gateways can be accessed through the local network, WLAN, UMTS or at hotspot logon.
    All USB sticks are centrally configured so no connection parameters for remote access are needed on the user side.
    The USB stick provides all of the software required by the user to set up a secure VPN connection and access the existing terminal server infrastructure or web applications.
    After successful authentication, data and applications are available as usual on the PC workstation.

  • Highly secure to protect your business

    The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK contains the specially hardened ECOS Secure Linux operating system which boots the PC. As the local Windows system is not addressed, no virus or Trojan can be activated.

    The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK includes a two-factor authentication. Based on the principle of 'something you have, something you know', the user needs both their personal ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK and the corresponding password to authenticate themselves for remote access. 

    All user-side required firmware and client software are stored on an encrypted read-only partition, the USB stick is therefore invulnerable to potential malware.
    With its integrated firewall, the ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK may also be used in insecure environments such as public WLANs, hotspots, hotels, cybercaf├ęs or home LAN/WLAN.

  • Data protection via rigorous separation of company/private data

    The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK ensures the rigorous separation of company data from private data. Operating system and client software are executed by the USB stick only. Figuratively speaking, the entire intelligence lies in the company stick, whereas the PC serves as a non-corporate periphery.
    As the local hard disk isn't activated, no trace will be left on it.
    The user can neither copy data on an external storage device nor print any data without the explicit approval of the administrator. Screen captures are fully prohibited.
    The PC can be shut down through instant logout in a split second without necessarily ending the current session by simply pulling out the USB stick. Access can thus be prohibited to bystanders during short absences.

  • Low cost - high value

    The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. The existing VPN gateway can be used as remote station.
    The roll-out process is automized by Easy Enrollment. All users receive identical USB sticks personalizable only upon input of the personal activation code.
    User and access permissions can be administrated on the basis of profiles with a central management tool.
    The easy startup and the convenient use reduce support efforts of this highly secure remote access solution to a strict minimum.

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  • Performance overview

    • Hardened ECOS Secure Linux
    • UEFI Secure Boot support
    • Applications: RDP, Citrix Receiver, VMware View, VNC client, NoMachine, Firefox with Java support
    • Supported target systems: Microsoft Terminal Server (2000, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, RDS, RDP enabling), Citrix (Presentation Server, XenApp, XenDesktop), VMware View or web server



    • AnyConnect, ThinPrint client
    • Integrated IPsec and SSL VPN client
    • Also available with an integrated smart card
    • Integrated firewall
    • Configurable proxy server connection
    • Certificate-based login at VPN gateway, secure two-factor authentication with password or PIN
    • Signing, encrypting and Windows Smart Card Logon through PC/SC Forwarding (Secure Boot Stick Plus)
    • Multiple profile possibility for access to distinct applications/servers from the same Secure Boot Stick
    • Central management of sticks and certificates
      User synchronization available for Active Directory and other directory services (in combination with SMA100/SGA)
    • Runs on Intel Pentium 3, AMD Athlon, Mac with Intel processor and higher


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