ECOS Secure Boot Module

With ECOS SECURE BOOT MODULE (SBM), older and lower-priced notebooks or PCs can be turned into modern and highly secure thin clients by simply replacing the hard disk. The modules are fitted with a secured Linux operating system and all required software for a highly secure access to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server or web applications.

Workflow ECOS Secure Boot Module


The module comes with all software required to establish a secure VPN connection and access the desired terminal server infrastructure or web applications. As the devices are centrally configured, the user needs no further connection parameters.
With the integrated ECOS SECURE BOOT MODULE (SBM), the notebook or the PC are booting within a secured Linux environment. The desired gateway can be accessed through the local network, WLAN, UMTS or at hotspot logon.
After successful authentication, data and applications will be available on the PC workstation as usual.

Highly secure

ECOS SECURE BOOT MODULE (SBM) contains the specially hardened ECOS Secure Linux operating system which boots the PC.
ECOS SBS is fitted with a software certificate for two-factor-authentication to ensure that only authorized users will be able to authenticate themselves on the notebook. Optionally, an authentication by external smart card reader or token is also available.
All firmware and client software are stored on an encrypted read-only partition, thus making the module invulnerable to potential malware.
Thanks to its integrated firewall, notebooks and PCs fitted with ECOS SECURE BOOT MODULE (SBM) may also be used in insecure environments such as public WLANs, hotspots, hotels, cybercaf├ęs or home LAN/WLAN.

Data protection

Without the administrator's explicit approval, users can neither copy data on an external storage device nor print any data. Screen captures are fully prohibited too.
No data will be stored on the notebook or PC themselves, therefore no further client-side protection measures are needed nor can any data be exploited in case of loss.


ECOS SECURE BOOT MODULE (SBM) has been designed for usage with low-priced and second-hand notebooks or PCs. As the entire processing performance is outsourced to the server, there are only minimal requirements concerning the client hardware.
ECOS SBM can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and the existing gateway can be used as remote station.
A central management tool helps administrate user and access permissions on the basis of profiles.
The easy startup and the convenient use reduce support efforts to an absolute minimum.


  • SBM825: replaces 2,5" IDE hard drive w/ 44pin male.
  • SBM835: replaces 3,5" IDE hard drive w/ 40pin female.
  • SBM850: replaces 2,5" SATA hard drive.


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