The ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK (MOS) requires no installation and provides a highly secure access to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server, VMware, View/Horizon and web applications, thus ensuring a thorough separation of business from private usage, especially for home workstations or in the context of BYOD concepts (bring your own device).


  • works with any Mac or Win PC
  • no installation
  • central configuration


    • works with any internet connection
    • all required software is on the stick


    • strong two-factor authentication
    • application VPN
    • sandbox
    • untraceable


    • straightforward integration
    • Easy Enrollment
    • central management
    • minimum support effort

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    • Easy and safe usage

      The ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK allows its user to access company data and applications from any Windows PC or Mac.

      The USB stick doesn't require any installation or configuration and needs no administration rights.

      All sticks are centrally configured, therefore the user needs no further connection parameters for remote access.
      The USB stick provides the user with every software required to set up a secure VPN connection and access the existing terminal server infrastructure or web applications.
      After successful authentication, data and applications are available on the PC workstation just as usual.

    • Flexible

      The ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK requires a notebook or a PC with internet access, regardless whether these devices are tied to a local network or using WLAN, UMTS, hotspots or a hotel's dial-up connection.
      Any software needed by the user to set up a safe VPN connection and access an existing terminal server infrastructure or web applications is already integrated into the stick.

    • Secure

      The ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK includes a two-factor authentication. Based on the principle of 'something you have, something you know', the user needs both their personal ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK and the corresponding password to authenticate themselves for remote access. The stick is optionally also available with an integrated smart card.
      Unlike conventional systems, the ECOS solution doesn't set up a full VPN, but an encrypted connection on application level. Thus, only the integrated stick-side clients for Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server will be able to use the connection, whereas viruses and other malware can't.
      As the software is executed in a sandbox environment, it can't be affected by potential malware of the guest PC.
      No trace will be left on the guest PC.

    • Low cost

      The ECOS MOBILE OFFICE STICK can be easily integrated into your current IT infrastructure.
      Easy Enrollment automatizes the roll-out process. All users get an identical stick which is only personalizable upon input of a personal activation code.
      A central management tool provides profile-based administration of user and access permissions.
      The easy startup and the convenient use reduce support efforts to an absolute minimum.

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