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Remote access with hardware encryption


The new ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [HE] provides highly secure access from home or on the road.

Oppenheim, March 16, 2021 – ECOS Technology, specialist for highly secure remote access and home office, further expands the SECURE BOOT STICK product family. With the new ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [HE], a variant with hardware encryption is now available. The encryption of all security-relevant partitions ensures a particularly high level of protection despite the small size of the flash drive. The remote access solution can thus also be used in areas with strict security requirements. At the same time, a cryptographic key embedded in the hardware provides strong 2-factor authentication.

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [HE] is suitable for use with any PC. Once plugged in, the specially hardened Linux-based ECOS operating system is launched and opens a highly secure remote access to a terminal server/virtual desktop infrastructure or web applications.  Home office workstations can thus be set up quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

No data can be stored on the guest PC or notebook, nor can any installed operating systems or other software be accessed. The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [HE] thus warrants the full separation of business from private use. As a result, both private PCs and old company notebooks can be used within the organization's infrastructure without compromising on the level of protection or performance. Considerable savings can be made in many cases as no new equipment needs to be purchased.

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [HE] offers an extensive security concept beyond hardware encryption. Bootloader, firmware and applications are digitally signed and verified in a chain-of-trust process. An integrated firewall blocks attacks within the same network as well as ping requests. A VM start detection prevents use virtual environments. Pulling out the flash drive results in an immediate logout to ensure additional security for computers shared by multiple users. The update process for firmware and applications is specially protected too.

„The demand for remote access and home office solutions remains high in the light of the current situation. Many companies, agencies and organizations which, out of necessity, implemented solutions very quickly in spring 2020 now focus more intensively on security aspects. Our new hardware-encrypted variant offers them an additional option within the SECURE BOOT STICK portfolio,“ relates Paul Marx, Managing Director and CEO of ECOS Technology GmbH.