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Hospitals targeted by ransomware attacks

Cyber-Angriff auf Krankenhäuser

Cyber attacks on hospitals have made headlines for some time now. These cryptoviral attacks are very often launched using ransomware, i.e. encrypting Trojans used to extort ransom money.

As the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recently reported, hospitals in the German federal states Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland have been struggling with the severe consequences of such attacks lately. In both cases, the attacks targeted an IT service provider commissioned by both hospitals. The University Hospital in Düsseldorf has been targeted by a similar attack too.

Many hospitals suffer from organizational security gaps

The challenge: Many healthcare institutions suffer from dangerous security gaps. Their vulnerability does not necessarily lie in the technical infrastructure. As the BSI reports, many institutions still lack the awareness for organizational security measures and this even at the management level.
And the situation could be further aggravated by the increase of home office and teleworking in the midst of the current corona pandemic. Employees accessing sensitive information or hospital applications from home, for example for documentation purposes, may pose a significant security risk and become a gateway for ransomware.

In the hospital sector, remote access & home office must be secured adequately

It is therefore recommended that no compromises be made in terms of security, especially regarding home office and remote access to hospital facilities. Remote access from home requires particularly secured connections. It is also essential to segregate access from the guest notebook or PC as well as any software installed on it. This applies in particular to private devices used for business purposes.

ECOS Technology offers the well proven SECURE BOOT STICK product family for exactly these purposes. These solutions provide a highly secured remote access from any computer. Also available are variants with official BSI approval for handling data up to classification level VS-NfD for use in sensitive environments.

Do you have questions about how to properly secure your home office access in hospital environments? Our experts will always be glad to assist you without obligation on tel. +49 6133 939 222.