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A "right to home office": How companies should prepare for it

Recht auf Homeoffice

The "right to home office" is once again the subject of heated debates. Under the leadership of Minister Hubertus Heil, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has made a concrete proposal for a statutory right to 24 days of home office per year. The basis for this is to be provided by the so-called "Mobile Work Act" (Mobile-Arbeit-Gesetz).

It is not yet clear in which form or when exactly the new "home office law" will come into force nor how details such as the form of time recording, the scope of insurance cover or availability times will be structured.

Working at home securely and efficiently

However, one thing is all the clearer: In their own interest, companies should timely lay the foundations so employees can work securely, efficiently and productively.
Especially when talking about temporary solutions for occasional home offices, the use of existing employee hardware is often the best and most cost-effective solution. In many cases, people who work at home for only a few weeks per year can use their private notebook. Nevertheless, security aspects should not be neglected. There can be no trade-off when it comes to remote access from home office to important company data, personal customer data or confidential documents.

ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK: Remote access up to VS-NfD

The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK is an optimal companion in this scenario. Not only does it considerably simplify the remote access to data and applications, it also provides the required level of security – with BSI-approval up to classification level VS-NfD, if needed. At the same time, the stick ensures a full separation between business and private use of the respective computer. Since no additional notebooks have to be purchased, the savings potential is often considerable – a real win-win situation for companies and employees.

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