Highly Secure Remote Access Using ECOS Technology

Mobility and flexibility in a global economy become more and more important. Thus, it is also necessary to access the company’s data and applications from anywhere. Many solutions in use today are either simple to use, but unsafe, or safe and associated with a high cost, or just expensive.

The solutions presented hereafter are easy to use; do not require installation from the end-user; are highly secure, and can be integrated with little effort into the existing IT infrastructure.

ECOS Mobile Office

ECOS Mobile Office allows you a secure access to data and applications. By plugging in the USB stick under a running Windows your data and applications are available to you as usual in your desktop environment.

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ECOS Secure Boot Stick

The ECOS Secure Boot Stick allows the access from a highly secure Linux environment. By directly booting the PC from the stick an absolute separation is ensured between the PC, the thin client software on it, and the stick.

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ECOS Secure Thin Client Module

With the ECOS thin client modules you turn an older or inexpensive laptop or PC into a highly secure thin client by replacing the internal hard drive. Since the hard drive was removed as most sensitive component, notebooks are also suitable for rugged use.

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ECOS UTM Appliances

ECOS UTM Appliances are ideal for branch office networking and securing corporate networks, including VPN gateway, proxy, authentication server (PKI + RADIUS), mail gateway (including spam filters), CA (Certificate Authority), token management, State-Full-Inspection Firewall and router.

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ECOS Management Appliance

Using the ECOS Management Appliance you can centrally manage all remote solutions and UTM-appliances. With its built-in CA you can generate your own certificates of invention, as well as manage the tokens and smartcards.

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ECOS Third Party Products

While ECOS specializes in software development, partner companies create products such as hardware appliances based on the ECOS technology.

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