The ECOS Secure Boot Stick permits a highly secure access to Citrix, Microsoft terminal server or web applications in a secure Linux environment. By booting the PC directly from the stick an independent Linux-based thin client is started, which ensures an absolute separation between the PC, the software residing on it and the stick.

Your requirements

  • High security access from insecure host PC
  • No installation / no marks on the host PC
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Fast booting and fast start up of the required applications
  • Maximum protection from data abuse
  • Access via LAN, WLAN, UMTS and hotspot
  • Integrated ICA and RDP thin client and Firefox web browser with Java

Areas of application

  • Sporadic or permanent access from the home PC
  • Teleworking, e.g. for a call centre
  • Freelancers, external service providers
  • IT administrators, project managers
  • Doctors on call, mobile nursing staff
  • Backup in emergency situations, e.g. in the case of a pandemic

Protect your budget

  • No need to purchase expensive notebooks or PCs
  • Very low hardware requirements
  • No software installation on host PC
  • Integration into the existing infrastructure
  • Central Administration and Update Management
  • Detailed attribution of rights

Increase security during external accesses

  • PC runs in a highly secure Linux environment
  • Local Windows is not activated
  • Certificate-based login and two-factor authentication
  • Optional protection via smartcard
  • Integrated firewall

Additional features

  • Available clients: ICA, RDP, NCP, VNC, NoMachine, XDMCP
  • Universal printer support, possible release by the admin
  • Possible release of authorized USB storage devices by the admin
  • User synchronization with Active Directory or other directory services